Vend with The Capital Market

Looking to join our team of vendors? Please read the following and then proceed with completing The Capital Market Vendor Application (click link).

Application Review Process

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with an approximate. All Agricultural Producer (farmers, fishers, ranchers etc.) applications are reviewed with priority and are not subject to the application hold status.

Determine Your Vendor Category

When completing the vendor application, you will be asked to confirm your vendor category. This category is the primary function/purpose of your business or organization.  Please read carefully to select the correct category. The vendor categories are defined as follows:

An Agricultural Producer includes meat, produce, and flowers, that have been grown or animals born and bred from animals on the producers’ land (including leased land). Dairy products such as cheese and yogurt or processed meat products, such as bacon, jerky and sausage that are produced with vendors products or at his/her commercial kitchen, butcher or processing plant are also included. Examples: Farmers, Ranchers, Beekeepers, Foragers

Value-Added or Cottage Food Vendor: Value-added vendors create culinary products from any operation that has changed the form, flavor, blend and/or the substance of raw products using as many market products as available, preference given to those vendors who use local products. Examples: Salsa, Hummus, Cider, Dog Food or Treats, Baked Goods, Herbal products

Prepared Food Vendors: Prepared Food vendors offer freshly made food and drinks available for sale and immediate consumption on-site. These products may be hot or cold ready-to-eat foods or drinks. Products must use as many market products as available, preference given to those vendors who use local products. Examples: Waffles, Brisket, Iced Beverages

Artisan Vendors: Artisan vendors sell arts, crafts, and other products, preferably handmade. Examples: Beauty and skincare products, jewelry, art, ceramics

Healthy Living Vendors are those who do not sell physical products. This category is for fitness, wellness and other vendor types that do not fit within the traditional boundaries of the other vendor categories. Examples: Workout and fitness-based businesses, chiropractic care.

Nonprofit/Government: Non-profit, non-partisan organizations may apply for complimentary booth space at any market based on availability. No fundraising allowed at markets and no sales activities allowed. Examples: Pet adoption groups, voter registration, blood drives, Girl Scouts.

Vendor Insurance

Each vendor is required to have general liability insurance. The Capital Market of 20743, or any of its representatives will not be responsible for accidents or stolen items.  A General Liability Policy must include the following companies: 

  • Gethsemane United Methodist Church (910 Addison Road South, Capitol Heights MD, 20743)
  • Mary & Main (8801 Hampton Mall Dr N, Capitol Heights, MD 20743)

Vendor Permits

Vendors are required to have appropriate permits to legally operate at a Farmers’ Market in Prince George’s County. Generally, the following permits are required:

Prepared Food Vendors, Cooking Demonstrations

Food Trucks

Mobile units​ that operate at Farmer’s Markets must hold a current Prince George’s County Mobile unit license  or obtain a Temporary Farmer’s Market Permit .

Value-Added or Cottage Food Vendor, Artisan Vendors, Agricultural Producer 

A food service permit is not required if you sell whole and uncut raw produce, fresh herbs, and cottage foods. For more information please visit

NOTE: You do not need to have your permits and insurance information to apply to vend at The Capital Market, however you will be required to show proof of valid permits and insurance certificates at your first vending date.