Gardening Classes

The Capital Market of 20743, is currently partnering with the Town of District Heights, the District Heights Family and Youth Services Bureau, and Ashes Rising Counseling Services to facilitate community gardening classes in the town.

Sessions happen virtually via ZOOM, on Saturdays from 10:00 – 11:30am via ZOOM. Participants earn a $10 grocery gift card. Preference is given to residents living in the Town of District Heights and surrounding communities (20743, 20746)

Class Schedule

March 28th – Gardening 101
This session explores the basic concepts of Gardening including pollination, soil health, seed germination, and crop planning.

April 10th – The Joys of Gardening
This session explores the cultural relationships of agriculture and the spiritual, physical and emotional benefits of gardening.

May 8th – Gardening for Climate Change
This session explores the relationship between agriculture, climate change, environmental justice and the protection of the Watts Branch which is the watershed of the Anacostia River.

June 12th – Gardening for Summer Month
This session explores how individuals can prepare their gardens for hotter months, including conserving water through innovative irrigation practices, identifying summer-based pests and diseases, and learning how to harvest and weed for maximum crop yield.